OG Variety Pack



Boost Focus + Enhance Breathing

These therapeutic-grade essential oils and stimulating scents support increased focus, a lifted mood and enhanced breathing. Explore our 3 original flavors in this variety pack:

  • 1 x Tropical Inhaler
  • 1 x Berry Inhaler
  • 1 x Cinnamint Inhaler


Tropical : Orange + Passionfruit + Mango + Lemon. The cleanest feeling you'll ever receive from a BoomBoom, this Tropical Rush energizing inhaler makes you feel as if you just stepped out of the shower and into a tropical rain forest. A strong citrus opening followed by a sweet, passionfruit finish - like a citrusy explosion for your ever-so-neglected nose. This one keeps you coming back for more.

Berry : Raspberry + Blackberry + Strawberry. This energizing inhaler is an exotic blend of berries and complementary essential oils - a flavor explosion. Berry Breeze contains all of the powerful ingredients of the original BoomBoom with an added dose of fruit oils that leaves you energized and refreshed. The flavors of Berry Breeze are enough to stimulate every nerve in your body!

Cinnamint : The Original + Cinnamon. The Cinnamint energizing inhaler is a blast of cool menthol blended with cinnamon that is strong enough to awaken the senses of the most sluggish recipient. This flavor is most popular amongst experienced BoomBoomers who are seeking the most powerful experience. 


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