Oxygen Mask for the Bicycle or Motorbike with Valve - Motor Mask, Ski Mask, Sport oxygen mask.


These face masks are, besides that they look very nice and fashionable, a very good protection against the polluted air particles. You can wear the mask as you wish, but you can also put the included PM 2.5 filter in it. This filter has five different layers and ensures that very small dirty particles are filtered that you cannot see with the naked eye. With this you are even better protected against dirty air. After a week of use, you must discard the filter and you can put in a new one. The mouth mask is washable so you can reuse it as often as you want. There are two elastic bands on the mouth cap that you can adjust to the desired size.

PM 2.5 filter

The attached filters consist of five layers. The first layer is a spun cloth, followed by a woven layer, then an activated carbon fabric, and then again a woven and a spun cloth. These five layers ensure that the small dust particles are filtered as much as possible and are therefore not inhaled.

Additional filters can be ordered here: https://www.bol.com/nl/p/pm2-5-filter/9300000002141296/


Package contents: 1x face mask and two filters
Material: Cotton and Polyester
Shape: shapes to face
Weight: 15gr
Dimensions: 20 x 13.5 cm
Can be used for public transport, shopping, driving, etc.

With these face masks you are better protected and you look nice at the same time!


    Collections: Covid Essentials, Masks

    Type: 2020 Essentials

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