Contactless Dispenser with Steel Base - Automatic Disinfection Column with Steel Base / 1000 ML with Sensor (Batteries not included)


This modern high-quality automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is not only a beautiful decoration piece but above all handy, hygienic and user-friendly. The user does not have to touch anything. Keeping the hands under the dispenser automatically sprays just enough sanitiser over the hands.
Suitable for use in shops, schools, hairdressing salons, fitness centers, catering, etc, etc.

- Height: 1.50 m,
- Color: Black (powder coated) steel, white plastic dispenser with catch tab.
- Operation: Automatic infrared sensor.
- Content: 1000 ml.

Suitable for alcohol.
The dispenser delivers exactly the right amount per dose

* Batteries not included (4x C-Batteries)

By offering hand disinfection, you contribute to a responsible living environment.

In short:
- ready for use (including battery)
- user friendly
- hygienic
- solid
- responsible
- beautiful design
- economical


    Collections: Covid Essentials, Masks

    Type: 2020 Essentials

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