12 x KN95 refill filters for Oxygen Masks


Packed per 12 x N95 filters
Life cycle: 1-2 weeks per filter
Size: Adults
Safety standard: GB / T 32610
Protection class: KN95

The KN95 filter (N99 nanofiber Carbon filters) protects against air pollution that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The filter's innovative, multi-layered N99 nanofiber Carbon technology guarantees the highest quality and excellent efficiency. Due to the light fiber material, the filter adapts to the face and feels soft against the skin, so that it acts as an almost invisible layer. The KN95 filter improves the quality of your life with a simple step and is an investment that benefits your health every day.

Filter life:

In the package you get 12 interchangeable filters individually or packed per 2. The lifespan of each filter naturally depends on many factors, such as the pollution in your environment. On average, a mask has a lifespan of + - 3 weeks. With intensive use, our filters have a service life of 1-2 weeks per filter


    Collections: Covid Essentials, Masks

    Type: 2020 Essentials

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