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The trip that started it all

For hundreds of years, people in Southeast Asia have known about the secret of nasal inhalation products sold in apothecaries and natural pharmacies.

Not only have they been used as powerful decongestants, but also to enhance mental acuity, energy and focus. Some even claim a higher state of consciousness.

Some seriously awesome effects

In 2010, we embarked on a trip to Thailand. During our travels, we realized that everyone was using nasal inhalers.

We had never seen anything like it, and we couldn’t believe how many people wouldn’t leave their homes without an inhaler in their pocket. Firsthand, we witnessed the miracles of nasal vapor stimulation. It allowed backpackers to party until the sun came up at the legendary Full Moon Party on Thailand’s Koh Phangan Beach. It helped a Muay Thai fighter regain his senses after a devastating blow. And most importantly, it fostered connection between people. Everywhere we went, people were BoomBoom-ing.

We were onto something

We were fascinated with this mysterious nasal inhaler, referred to as “The Wonder Vapors” by foreigners who were using it.

Thrilled for our friends and family to try these magical inhalers, we brought some back to the states and spent the next three years discovering their remarkable body and mind benefits. Working with some of the top chemists and medical professionals in the U.S., a new, healthier, more effective product emerged. A product that has the power to change the way people think about refreshment and rejuvenation.

BoomBoom today

Until now, your nose has been ignored, neglected and even shunned… we’re here to change that!

Our team is passionate about creating unique products that allow people to awaken their senses in an entirely new way! More than ever before, people are discovering the positive impact your sense of smell can have on your overall well-being. Do you BoomBoom?